The 3 Key Benefits Of Using An Access Mat For Heavy Vehicles

Piles of access mats used to build temporary roads

The most obvious trait of heavy vehicles is their weight. While they need to be heavy to lift the extreme loads that they do, the weight of the vehicle (which is even higher when loaded with materials) can cause problems when the tires interact with the surface below.

This is where simple yet effective tools like an access mat come in handy – they help improve the function and safety of heavy vehicles that pass over them. If you are managing any kind of construction project that involves heavy vehicles moving in and around the site, you may want to consider engaging this technology.

The following will examine the 3 key benefits of using an access mat for heavy vehicles.

1.    Improved traction and safety

When construction takes place in the wilderness and areas away from standard roads, heavy vehicles will often have to move across the raw earth. While this can be found on flat ground in dry conditions, some heavy vehicles will struggle in areas that become slick with mud after rainfall, and these areas can become very dangerous when they are part of an incline the vehicle must climb.

An access mat helps to avoid situations where vehicles get bogged down in the mud or slide down an incline when losing traction. In some areas of the world, the wet season can make it impossible to use heavy vehicles in certain areas without some kind of hard surface being laid down ahead of them.

They basically provide a durable, effective surface that can support heavy vehicles no matter what the weather conditions are. Having them on-site means having a quick solution whenever the rain pours and normal routes become muddy and impassable.

2.    Improved speed

A road made of access mats

Of course, if you successfully deploy an access mat to allow a vehicle to climb an incline or get across muddy ground, then it means it can continue on its way. This means that you can eliminate the delays caused by impassable terrain.

After all, time is money on a construction project. If your trucks and other heavy vehicles get stuck in the mud or (worse) cause an accident by sliding down a steep incline, then it can be very expensive and time-consuming to clean things up and get back on track.

Access mats provide a reliable and easy-to-deploy surface that helps to avoid issues related to heavy vehicles and the terrain they must pass over. While it may only seem small in the grand scheme of things, they can make a big difference when they are needed most.

3.    Protecting the terrain

Sometimes the earth over which trucks need to move is part of the land that happens to be valuable and that you don’t want to cause damage to. Heavy vehicles repeatedly going over a piece of terrain will degrade it over time, and you need to use an access mat to avoid this from happening.

Access mats simply take the weight and stress that the ground would otherwise be forced to deal with, allowing heavy vehicles to pass over without causing damage. On some sites, they can be absolutely essential for protecting key areas of interest from damage.

As you can see, there are several important reasons to include access mats in your inventory when it comes to certain projects where heavy vehicles are required. The bonus is that this technology is very affordable and easy to use + the leading suppliers use sustainable bamboo to build the beams that make up the product, reducing the demand for deforestation.