How to Make Your Bedroom Look Cool?

Have you had enough of the constant criticism from friends talking about the outdated quality and looks of your bedroom? Well everyone is aware that, these comments can be hurtful and not soothing for the ears. So if your an individual who cares about these comments by taking them seriously and are in a desperate need for change, then here are some of the ways through which you can make your bedroom look cool.


Artwork and posters are a common finding in any teenagers room. From Metallica to Miley Cyrus, including quotes about life, you find everything in there. But artworks and posters keep getting updated from time to time, making it more innovative and is sure to never run out of style. So if you want to make your room look attractive, then your favorite TV show, band or paintings can go up the wall.


Bring in Nature

Adding a plant to your room is aesthetic and is sure to light up your room. But the important part here is to find a suitable position where you can place the pot. In this scenario, making a proper stand to place the container is well thought off.  A stand can be made of anything depending upon your creativity. Hence you get two new additions to your room.


Explore Painting

Painting can be the most accessible forms of bringing a fresh appeal. While painting a bedroom, especially a teenagers room, one need not maintain a balance and can be as creative as possible. The paint can be made to balance all the artwork, stands, etc. in a manner that it was meant to do so. So one should explore painting and need not seek a professionals advice in this regard.


The Spot

Every bedroom has a cool spot where people try to get a seat. So decide where that spot should be in your bedroom and once you’ve made the decision, think about the items which should be placed there. They can be a swing chair, a small and cute stool, a dart board, etc. and positioning this spot close to the window is the ideal way of attracting more natural light to make the spot as comfortable as possible.



Stocking old books, CD’s and cassettes tend to bring in the feeling of nostalgia and also points out the fact that you’re a collector. CD’s and Cassettes were unique items which everyone could not stop raving about as they all wanted to have one. So if you have CD’s relating to an old album of a great band then make sure that you display it and if not then books will also do the magic. Uniquely stocking them also demonstrates creativity as you can have places for new and old books or go with the random flow.