How to infuse greenery in your home:

A green home exudes peace and tranquility. But again, adding plants everywhere in your home doesn’t make sense. You actually have to make sure that the greenery blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home and doesn’t become an obstruction in any way.

So here’s how to infuse greenery in your home, without it getting too overbearing – read on:

  1. Besides the TV cabinet:
    Usually, the space beside the TV cabinet is vacant – so instead of keeping huge vases with fake flowers in it, bring in the earthen or porcelain pots and plant some really great plants in there. These plants would definitely require more care than the fake plants – but they’re worth the effort! Not only will they look great, but will also have a relaxing effect on your eyes as you take them off your television!
  2. Dining table:
    No, you don’t need to place a huge pot right in the middle of your dining table! Instead, get the tiny ones and place some small plants in them. Decorate the pots with some colorful pebbles to give them an earthy and chic look. You could also plant some herbs in here – to bring in some warmth to your dining area.
  3. At the entrance:
    If you have a staircase right at the entrance, it’s anyway going to lie idle – might as well use it! Plant pretty plants with flowers in bright colors to liven up the entrance of your home. There are many floral plants – all of which come in many shades- you could either use one plant in different shades or use a combination of different plants with contrasting colored flowers.
  4. Replace art with plants:
    If you want to add greenery to your house without making it look cluttered, you can do so by cutting down on some items and replacing them with plants. In this way, you add greenery without disturbing the setup of your home – just replace the artwork with some plants, and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to fill up your home with greenery. It has to be a part of your home, not your home entirely. Consciously make an effort to inculcate greenery without disturbing the setup of your home. Use up idle corners, but don’t overdo it until your home looks cluttered and small. The basic idea of plants is to ensure you have a green, airy, and fresh home – so stick to it!