“We’re the light of your Rocket Motor”e’ RE



“We ‘re the Light of your Rocket Motor”

Dear Fellow Rocket Enthusiast,

The FireStar Electric Match has the highest Thermal Energy per Unit Volume Igniter in the market place today! We are the Mercedes Benz of igniters and you will see the performance difference compared to other low cost igniters. The difference between Advanced Development Engineering that understands size, shape, and grain boundary interface problems versus just mixing some chemicals together. If you are interested in High Performance, this is the igniter for you!

Here’s why:

After ignition all electric matches produce a plasma ball of relatively light atomic weight particles that slam into the motor propellant. These particles penetrate several atoms deep to start a secondary ignition. If there is not enough igniter material then the flame front will not possess enough energy to give an all surface burn. Instead, they only produce random hot spots that will produce the “Chuffing” sound heard in all composite motors.

The FireStar Electric Match produces the same plasma ball but with one great difference! From within the plasma ball there is a release of literally thousands of white hot metal particles, (over 5900 Deg. F.). These particles are like miniature shooting stars that slam into the surface of the propellant creating a crater hundreds of atoms deep. The crater in turn produces a large propellant debris field that is hurled upward in the heart of the expanding plasma ball. This propellant debris field immediately ignites adding its energy to the main plasma burst. Thus, the FireStar Electric Match is a Volume Penetration Burn. The chart below summarizes the results:

Wimp Igniters ——————————– Surface Hot-spots
Igniter with more Ignition Material —— Full Surface Burn
FireStar Electric Match ——————- Full surface + Volume Penetration Bum

With Volume Penetration Burn your Rocket Motor will leap oft the launch pad leaving your competition eating your rocket motor exhaust gases!

FireStar Electric Match sold as a Kit

FireStar Electric Match will be sold as a Kit. The Kit will contain components A and B that, when mixed as per the instruction sheet, will produce the liquid igniter match head material for dipping. We also include Bottle C which is a Lacquer Thinner.

The wire hardware will be separate from the Kit and will have the following wire lengths. In the small rocket motors category the FS -12 will be a twisted pair of # 30 gauge wire with Ignition Element wire soldered in position. This igniter will handle Motors A through E.

For midrange Motors F through H, the FS -18 a Duplex #22 gauge wire will do nicely. The Ignition Element also soldered in position.

For the larger motors, the FS -24 and FS -36 will use a Duplex # 22 gauge wire with Ignition Element also soldered in position. Hardware can be a mix and match affair for each customers personal preference. All igniters are a Dip, Dry & Fly affair.

Note: All electric matches listed below require a I2V car battery or equivalent source. For full vaporization of the ignition element wire an 8.8 Peak Amp inrush (3.0 Amp. Ave.) for a Minimum time of approximately 150 ms.

The instructions will show the technique of making the match head by dipping the element wire in the liquid igniter material. The chart below shows the four kinds of igniters we provide;

Name Length Gauge Max. Match Head Size Remarks

FS-12 12 in. ( 30.48 cm) 30 Twisted Pair 5/64 in. (1.984 mm) Ready Now

FS-18 18 in. (45.72 cm) 22 Duplex 9/64 in. (3.572 mm) Ready Now

FS-24 24 in. ( 60.96 cm) 22 Duplex 13/64 in. (5.159 mm) Ready Now

FS-36 36 in. ( 91.44cm) 22 Duplex 1/4 in. (6.350 mm) Ready Now

By the way, the formula contains NO Thermalite


Adding Bottle B to Bottle A will produce 40 grams of liquid ignition match head material. This ignition match material is formulated to be a Full Surface + Volume Penetration Burn when fully dried. Assuming a 5% loss factor, (This is material that sticks to the screw driver, the side of the bottle, etc.), mathematically you should expect the following number of dips as shown in TABLE 1 below for the various igniter wire sizes.




FS-12 0.028 grams 0.035 grams 1143

FS-18 0.138 grams 0.172 grams 232

FS-24 0.247 grams 0.309 grams 130

FS-36 0.283 grams 0.354 grams 113

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bottle (A) & (C) are now packaged in a glass jar with a resealable Teflon lid. If the lids on either bottles (A) or (C) are not screwed on tight and bottle (A) dries out —- the formulation is essentially dead and the Lacquer Thinner in bottle (C) will evaporate out. With lids on tight, place both Bottle (A) & (C) in the door of your refrigerator. This will assure a longer shelf life for the liquid igniter dip and Lacquer Thinner.

With the FireStar Electric Match Kit you will no longer have to suffer with Wimp Igniters.

Happy Rocket Flying Time!


Scott T. Dyben

Scott T. Dyben

President, FireStar Electric Match