Here’s How It Works
The Crafters Home Network International Craft Fair is the most comprehensive, searchable Arts & Crafts Database on the Internet. A booth (listing) is FREE for every artist, collector, crafter, hobbyist, manufacturer, or supplier of related products worldwide. When you become a member of Crafters Home Network you can set up your booth. (Membership in Crafters Home Network is FREE too!) If you already have a web site, you can increase your exposure by linking to it from your booth!

Eligibility Guidelines

Our International Craft Fair is definitely for you if you make sell or distribute any item product or service that directly relates to these industries:

Arts (all types)
Crafts (all types)
Collectibles (all types)
Hobbies (all types)
Any related Supplies and Materials
You’ll find a link to booth set-up in our Services Area. (Before you can access it you have to Join Crafters Home Network.)

PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE. Inappropriate listings will be removed at the discretion of Crafters Home Network Administration. We politely ask you not to waste your time and ours by entering material that does not generally pertain to the subject matter we’ve indicated.

In case your wondering when it comes to the International Craft Fair we do not consider Multi Level Marketing (MLM) a hobby — we will remove any MLM and other inappropriate entries from our database when discovered. If you would like for us to display a banner to promote you site, that’s different. Almost anyone is welcome to purchase banner advertising!

NO ADULT MATERIAL. Even though some people consider sex a hobby this is a family site and we don’t want adult material referenced here. We consider adult material to be any text or image containing pornography profanity or craft fair entry with a link to an adult site. We have installed special filters in our system which kick back entries which contain profanity. Adult material is simply not welcome and we will remove any unwanted listings immediately and prosecute anyone who violates this rule to the fullest extent within our means.