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Crafters Home Network is a Membership Organization that is FREE to join. The only requirement for membership is that you enjoy arts and crafts. You are never under any obligation to buy anything -- EVER -- however we do ask that you support our sponsors and other members so that we can continue to to provide valuable services for little or no cost.

Our Members Area provides a great resource area for EVERYONE, and especially for those who would like to learn more about the web and about selling your own handcrafted products both on the Internet and elsewhere. When you register, you will immediately be granted access to the Special Features of the Services Area where you can set up a free booth in our International Craft Fair and take advantage of the many other membership benefits we offer.

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Email from Crafters Home Network. We send out occassional announcements (very light mail load). We also enable you to control exactly what email you wish to receive from Crafters Home Network; just look for Email Management in the Members Area. Furthermore, our Craft Fair is CGI-based, which it makes it impervious to email address harvesting software used by spammers.

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